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Our male bluetick Raccoon was originally imported to Sweden from Denmark by one of Oves friends, and before that, Raccoon actually hunted in Africa! Hence we have no idea what lines he is from, but he is now approved to get a Swedish pedigree. Raccoon hunted moose, deer and wild boar in a perfect manner: he found and worked both old and new tracks and barked during tracking, and when he found the animals he barked and howled at a suitable distance keeping the animal in the area but never going close enough to risk getting injured. He became less and less interested in deer by time, which suited us well. Raccoon is the reason why we started breeding blueticks!

Raccoon passed away in spring 2011.

Peggy Sue

Ovan ser ni några bilder på Peggys valpar från 2011. Vi hade då vår sista kull på Peggy.

Vi har valt att pausa aveln för obestämd framtid. Vi följer dock våra valpar och ser hur de och rasen utvecklas.

  Ove Cedersmyg, 0704-94 45 45


Raccoon was mated in 2004 to a bluetick bitch imported together with Racoon and we kept a male pup that we called Nisse. Nisse was a slow starter in every manner, but once he got the hang of how to hunt boars, he became really good! He was rather hesitant and shy with the pigs in the beginning, but growed with experience. We decided to sell him as we only wanted one male in the pack and we needed to leave space for a bitch to breed Raccoon to.



Peggy Sue is our bitch out of genuine big game lines from Mr Terry Zink of Zink's Montana Blueticks. We hope that she may be the start of our future as breeders of capable big game blueticks in Sweden - thank you Terry for selling us such a promising pup! Peggy is a gentle bitch with lots of power and attitude when needed. She loves to work her cats and is gently started on boar. She showed lots of power and drive when tested on fenced-in pigs; see pictures in the gallery to the left and in the Fotogalleri in the menu.


Peggy was sold in 2015 as she was more of a cat hunting dog than the boar hunting dog that we needed.

Our blueticks

Gunnar is after Raccoon and Peggy, born 2011. He as had a good season on boars and is developing with every hunt. Gunnar has a good voice and a good nose. He is a sweet dog.


Gunnar was sold in 2017 as we had too little pig hunting to use him for.



Our former blueticks