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Bluetick information

The American bluetick coonhound has its roots in English and French hounds, and is famous for its cold nose, i.e. its' ability to work cold tracks. In the States, blueticks are used to hunt racoons as well as big game such as bears, cougars etc. They work cold tracks during which they let a howling bark, thus driving the coons or big game up a tree, and then mark the tree by chopping up the trunk. In the States, there are trials on racoons, and the dogs may become Night champion, Grand Night champion etc. They trial in packs of four or five, and each dog gains points from how fast it finds and trees a 'coon. So far, there are no specific big game trials for coonhounds.

Bluetick coonhound keywords:

Cold nosed tracking experts, sturdy and persistent during tracking and treeing, love roaming, loud-mouthed howlers, friendly against humans and other dogs, takes time to convince during obedience training.


Bluetick breed standard  


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